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Future of Queensland Health Funding - Update

Posted on Wednesday, 30 April 2014

In the March edition of Messages it was noted that funding from Queensland Health will cease at 31 December 2015. However it may be earlier, depending upon Queensland Health’s acceptance or rejection of MGSQ’s Transition Plan for the period 1 July 2014 to 31 December 2015.

The Management Committee have identified the following matters to consider in the compilation of the Transition Plan. These matters could result in either increasing revenue or decreasing expenses, and will assist the MGAQ to continue functioning after funding from Queensland Health ends.

The committee would also welcome suggestions from our members on how the MGAQ can continue beyond the time Queensland Health funding ceases.

Matters to be considered:

  • Publication of MessaGes every 2 or 3 months (MGA – UK and MGFA -US only publish their newsletters 3-monthly, as does the NSW MG Association)
  • Non-financial members to receive MessaGes by email only;
  • Production of only one (1) DVD each year containing videos of all guest speakers during the year;
  • Increasing Membership Fees;
  • Email delivery of MessaGes to all members who have access to the Internet;
  • Replacing the current Freecall 1800 phone service with a cheaper option which would require the caller to contribute to the cost of a call;
  • Re-assess insurance requirements with the aim of reducing premiums while still maintaining adequate cover;
  • Use website more to keep members up-to-date with MGAQ news;
  • Investigate sponsorship for things such as newsletter and DVD production and distribution;
  • Investigate what other funding grant sources are available and MGAQ’s eligibility for them;
  • Review administrative procedures where possible, such as teleconferencing management committee meetings where feasible;

The Management asks that our members give consideration to these matters, especially with respect to the impact they may have on the continuing support expected by the membership. Please provide feedback via an email to or a phone call to our Freecall 1800 802 568 number.