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Collecting data on sufferers of myasthenia gravis

Posted on Friday, 28 March 2014

As previously reported, a paper discussing the Economic impact of Myasthenia Gravis on the community and the individual is now available via the MGAQ website ( We ask that you take a moment to visit the website and view the report. After logging in select "Resources", scroll down to "CIE Report" and click! Too easy! It is a few pages long with the last section being a summary of the responses to the survey questions. If all this is too much, just read the comprehensive report from page 1 - 3.

The report highlights the personal costs of suffering from this condition as well as giving some insight into the community costs associated with this chronic condition. The personal costs fan out to include the immediate family as well as the individual. It is an interesting and informative read and we hope that this report will generate much conversation and understanding within the wider community.

We encourage our members to read it, to discuss it with others and to promote it generally. It is surprising how a pebble dropped in a pond can ripple outwards. Let your comments be that pebble. Your feedback on the report is very welcome via the ‘Contact Us page’ on the website or the free call number 1800 802 568. Please, we need your assistance to help generate maximum value from this endeavour.