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The Future of Funding from Queensland Health

Posted on Friday, 28 March 2014

The MGAQ management committee held a meeting with representatives from the Funding and Contract Management Unit of Queensland Health to clarify the situation with respect to future funding grants from Queensland Health to the MGAQ.

Funding Grants from Queensland Health to the MGAQ have been paid under Queensland Health’s Community Self Care Funding Program. This program is to be transitioned to discontinuance from 31 December 2015.

Queensland Health have introduced a new program for funding Community Care bodies which involves the application for provision of these services being contested via an Open Tender process. The MGAQ submitted a response to the Request for Offer under the new funding program but has received advice that the application was unsuccessful.

In summary, therefore, the current situation with respect to QH funding is:

  1. Funding will be provided for the 6 months to 30 June 2014;
  2. Funding for the period 1 July 2014 to 31 December 2015 is contingent upon the MGAQ submitting a Transition Plan which provides evidence to Queensland Health’s satisfaction, that the MGAQ will be a sustainable and viable organisation beyond 31 December 2015. In other words, if the MGAQ is unable to convince Queensland Health that it can continue to exist after 31 December 2015 without QH funding, then no QH funding will be provided beyond 30 June 2014. The Transition Plan is to be submitted by 30 June 2014 and QH will provide consultants to assist with the development of the Plan; and
  3. Irrespective of the outcome of (2) above, no funding will be forthcoming from Queensland Health after 31 December 2015.

To assist the committee with the development of the Transition Plan, suggestions from our members which would assist in enabling the MGAQ to continue to exist without QH funding would be appreciated. Please forward all suggestions via email to or via Australia Post to MGAQ, PO Box 16, MT GRAVATT Q4122.