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Collecting data on sufferers of myasthenia gravis

Posted on Friday, 12 October 2012

Dr Blum presented preliminary results of the survey at the AGM. He spoke warmly of the experience of sharing our journey and commented on points of interest from both a physician’s point of view and a sufferer’s view of living with this condition. The research showed how difficult it is for a GP to diagnose the condition due to the wide variety of initial symptoms. It also showed the strong link to other auto-immune conditions. The current data entry will cut off at some point soon so that initial findings can be published. If you wish to be included it is time to be more proactive in completing your survey and seeing your doctor to gain the necessary validation via the blue form. We are very grateful to Dr Blum for the work that is taking place and for his time in attending the meeting. More details will follow for members via a DVD of the presentation.

Dr Blum's presentation showed that it really was worthwhile for people to take the time and effort to complete the Surveys and for this we are very grateful.