2019 MAA MG Conference - 3 August

Posted on Tuesday, 20 August 2019



Preliminary Conference Program

• Dr. Stefan Blum
Overview of Myasthenia Gravis and Therapies.

• Assoc. Prof. Stephen Reddel
Rationale and Progress on the eNID Project.
Risks of Immunosuppression.

• Prof. Pam McCombe
IVIg for Myasthenia - new IVIg Guidelines.

• Dr James Morton (Haematologist)
Advanced Therapy Treatment including Plasma Exchange.

• Dr Andrew Swayne
Research in MG - where are we, where do we need to go?

• Dr Fiona Chan
Rituximab as a treatment for MG.

• Discussion and Question Time with
Drs Reddel, McCombe, Blum and Morton.
Session 1: MG and its Treatments.
Session 2: Research in MG.

• Choose your Own Small Group Sessions!
At least 10 topics - choose two.

Please note - this program is still being developed and additional content will be added.

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