eNID Project News

Posted on Wednesday, 21 August 2019
As discussed in last month’s newsletter, the Committee anticipated becoming more involved with the MSBase working group for the eNID project. This
first joint meeting has occurred and it has proven to be very fruitful. Included in the October 2018 edition of the newsletter is the Project Overview (as at October 1, 2018) compiled by MSBase
Foundation Director Helmut Butzkueven and MSBase Project Co-ordinator Charlotte Sartori. The interest shown by everyone involved to make this important project progress was clear.
In reading the Project Overview, more can be understood about the timing of the process required to bring this project to Australian Neurologists. In addition, details regarding the financial hurdles are
highlighted. These hurdles must be overcome if this project is to progress. MSBase is supportive, the Doctors involved are actively engaged in seeking funding and the Myasthenic community has been
asked to step up again to ensure that this project does not stall. More details are available in the October 2018 newsletter.