Henk shares his experiences with Pilates

Posted on Wednesday, 26 June 2019
I have been a longtime receiver of the great benefits of Pilates exercises. During that that time I had the privilege of attending so called “Clinical Private Consultations”
and always with a highly qualified and experienced instructor (a physiotherapist and almost always “one-on-one).
Since I was diagnosed some years ago with MG I continued attending very faithfully my weekly Pilates sessions, which have been and continue to be of truly great help and
especially encouragement.
When I was asked to put this on paper I discussed this request with some of my wonderful and great friends at the Pilates studio I go to. They were happy to assist and produced a
wonderful article emphasizing the need for MG persons to exercise and how this can be done in a truly beneficial and secure environment. Henk.
Nadine Phillips, Doctor of Physiotherapy (DPT, B. Biomed Sci, Hons) writes “Using Exercise to Improve Strength, Mobility and Daily Function”. Full article included in October 2018 newsletter.