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Posted on Wednesday, May 06 2020

Over the past couple of months we have discussed five series of new services, podcasts and vodcasts, to be delivered to members. For two of those series, namely ‘My Journey with Myasthenia’ and ‘Ask the Expert’ podcasts, we need help from each and every member.

The ‘My Journey with Myasthenia’ series records the experience and learnings of members on their individual journey with MG. To enable us to record your journey and therefore help others, please contact the MGAQ Helpline 1800 802 568 or email our Podcast Team at giving your name and contact phone number.

The ‘Ask the Expert’ series is underway. It commenced last month with questions regarding speech, swallowing and related matters impacted by MG. We have received a host of great questions and our expert, Dr Kirstine Shrubsole, will be answering them this month. A podcast will soon follow.

The next specialists facing your questions will be a Neurologist and a Psychologist. So get in touch and voice those questions either through your Regional Coordinators, on a MGAQ Facebook site, call the MGAQ Helpline 1800 802 568 or send an email to

To deliver these new services, the MGAQ website has been rebuilt. It will be completed this month. Also, the new podcast delivery system will be implemented.

Members who have given the MGAQ their mobile phone numbers will directly receive the podcasts to those phones.

This will allow members the opportunity to listen to the podcasts at a time of their choice. This could be when sitting in your favourite chair or going for a walk.

Remember, we need help from each and every member. Dr Podcast is waiting for volunteers who will share their MG Journey story. Contact us!

‘Ask the Expert’ podcast series

Send us your questions: FreeCall 1800 802 568 or Email:

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