Posted on Friday, 03 April 2020

The booklet “MG Xplained” is a wonderful resource that has been uploaded to the MGAQ website.  This resource was not produced by the MGAQ, but we were very lucky that CSL Behring sponsored the production of this very user-friendly, easily understood explanation of Myasthenia Gravis.  We wish to thank CSL for this wonderful support of such a worthwhile project.  The association also acknowledges the work of Dr Stefan Blum, who advised throughout the writing and production to ensure that all the information contained within was accurate and relevant.

This booklet should prove very useful for family, friends and others who do not understand the condition to find out more about Myasthenia and how it affects people both medically and in daily living. 

The Medicine X booklet also has a Q scanner for phones.  We hope that people will take advantage of this download so they have ready access to it when explaining Myasthenia and its ongoing effects.

Visit:-  to learn more about MG xplained