Posted on Friday, 03 April 2020

Consistent with its Rules the MGAQ, through its Management Committee, has always had a focus on growing the benefits available to its member community.

One of its present projects, which shall be released progressively through 2020 and beyond, involves the production of a group of audio and video podcast series. The project targets enhancing the knowledge and awareness of MGAQ members about myasthenia gravis (MG) and on approaches for how best to live with MG.

To facilitate this activity, the MGAQ sought and was granted funding from the Queensland Government to purchase equipment, inclusive of hardware and software, to enable the production of these audio and video podcasts. Currently five (5) series are planned.

They include:

Series 1 – Web deliverable Video Library Series

Series 2 – Ask the Expert Series

Series 3 – My Journey with Myasthenia Gravis Series

Series 4 – Medical Presentation Series

Series 5 – Building Health & Fitness with MG Series

Over the next six months we will be discussing, in the Newsletter, with the MGAQ Community what is proposed through each of these various series and seeking the assistance of the MGAQ community, as required, to make each series as effective as possible to the members needs.

We note that whilst the Queensland Government’s generous funding has helped with the supply of hardware and software, it is still up to

the MGAQ community to produce these audio and video podcasts.

For this, HELP will be required. If you or a family member has an interest in being involved with this project, please contact the MGAQ Helpline to indicate that interest.

A podcast program team member will call back to discuss potential opportunities with the interested person.

Mark White