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Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells

The Christmas Get-Together will be held on Sunday, 9 December 2012 at 11am at Quarterdeck Restaurant, Caloundra Powerboat Club, Woorim Park, The Esplanade, Golden Beach.

'Exercise Effect on MG' Pilot Study

Preliminary results were presented by Professor Jennifer Nitz at the Annual General Meeting on September 9. The DVD of her presentation will be available in the coming weeks.

Again, it is not too late to join the Study and if, after viewing the list of the exercises published in the March newsletter, you now feel inclined to join the study, and live in the Brisbane area, please contact the Secretary. (We have one new participant who has commenced the exercise program.)


Collecting data on sufferers of myasthenia gravis

Dr Blum presented preliminary results of the survey at the AGM. He spoke warmly of the experience of sharing our journey and commented on points of interest from both a physician’s point of view and a sufferer’s view of living with this condition. The research showed how difficult it is for a GP to diagnose the condition due to the wide variety of initial symptoms. It also showed the strong link to other auto-immune conditions.


ABC News Feature

Myasthenia Gravis has been featured on ABC News to help raise awareness. You can take a look at the segment by clicking here.


2012/2013 Management Committee Nominations

All current Management Committee members have been nominated, and accepted nomination, for their respective positions for the 2012/2013 year.

As no other nominations were received, those nominated will be appointed at the Annual General Meeting on 9 September.


Data Survey on persons with MG

Work has now begun preparing a preliminary report on the data analysis undertaken to date. This preliminary report will be delivered to us in a presentation given by Dr Blum at the AGM in September. If you have not yet returned your survey and wish to be included in this round of data, it is not too late but do be quick. Surveys received after this initial report will, of course, still be as valuable as this is just a taster.


Data Survey on persons with MG

A follow up process with the Queensland Neurologist has seen keen renewed support for the survey. For this we are particularly appreciative as doctor's rooms are very busy places. In particular, a special mention must be made for the support received from the Mater Hospital which has a significant number of sufferers. We say thank you to the Doctors. More surveys have travelled interstate also. Surely and steadily copies are distributed AND returned! The preliminary report to be given at the...

Exercise Effect in Myasthenia Gravis Study at UQ

For some of the participants in this study, their exercise sessions are drawing to an end, and only final assessments remain. Other participants are at about the half-way mark of their participation as they have only been able to attend one session per week. As mentioned in last month's update, Professor Jennifer Nitz, who is overseeing the study, has kindly agreed to attend our Annual General Meeting and present a report on the study to our members.


Mid Year Function

The Mid Year Function will be held on Sunday, 17 June 2012 at 10:00am at Carina Leagues Club, Creek Rd Carina Qld.