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Reception with the Minister for Health, Cameron Dick

Three committee members attended a reception at the Queensland Parliament hosted by the Minister for Health, Cameron Dick. The Minister thanked all the groups that attended for their work and announced that the government was providing triennial grants to restore funding that was due to cease on 31 December this year. The management committee is currently working with the Department of Health to devise a Service Agreement that will reflect the key functions of our association.


Christmas Function

Our Christmas get-together will be held on Sunday 13 December, 11am for 2 noon, at the Quarterdeck Restaurant, Caloundra Powerboat Club. Full details in the newsletter. We look forward to seeing you there.


News from the AGM

The recent AGM was very successful with nearly 30 members in attendance. Professor Pamela McCombe gave a very informative and interesting presentation on the history of MG and current and future condition management regimes. All financial members will receive a DVD with a copy of her presentation. Information about the Members’ Survey held in 2015 is also listed in the newsletter.


Funding from the Department of Health

It was very pleasing to receive notification from the Dept of Health that our funding will be continued until 30 June 2019. Representative of that government organisation commented on how well our association is run and the many projects we have instigated to help spread the message and improve the health and wellbeing of people with MG.


Regional News

It is great that we now have Regional Co-ordinators to cover a large proportion of our state. All of these co-ordinators are enthusiastic about supporting sufferers and their families who live in their area. Also, do not forget the 1800 number with our welfare officer, Shirley, ready to listen, provide information and support.



A closed discussion forum has been set up for the MGAQ that allows private discussion between the members of this Facebook group We encourage all our members to join by visiting


Annual General Meeting

A successful AGM was conducted with all position on the management committee being filled. We welcome back our new President, Graeme Peters, and new treasurer, Tracey Porter. The guest speaker, Professor Pamela McCombe, spoke about the history of MG and different medications available. Her presentation was very well received.



Paypal is up and running on the website so please take advantage of this easy way to pay membership subscriptions, book orders etc.


Financial Membership

Please check if your membership is up to date. If you receive the newsletter by mail 06/16 or later should appear with the address. If you receive your newsletter by email, you can phone Shirley on 1800 802568 to check. We still have many unfinancial members and, with funding with Queensland Health finishing at the end of this year, our association need funds to continue offering services to members.


Annual General Meeting - 13 September

We hope as many people as possible can attend. Our current treasurer is stepping down from this position but will still be very involved with projects etc on the management committee. Thus far, we have had NO nominations for this position. Nominations will be called at the meeting and we urge everyone to think seriously about putting forward a nomination. Susan is prepared to work with the new treasurer for a transition period.