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Nominations for the 2017/18 Management Committee

Soon all financial members will receive a letter about nominations for the 2017/18 Management Committee. Please give this due consideration as we need a full committee to keep doing all the work that is currently being managed. It is also vital that the position of Secretary can be filled for the coming year.


The MAA Australian Myasthenic Conference

The date of 29 July in Sydney has been confirmed for this conference. If interested, please pre-register via or 1800 802 568.

Mid-Year Functions

The Mid-Year Function will be at the Southern Cross Sports Club on Saturday 10 June. We hope as many people as possible can attend. RSVP to FREECALL 1800 802 568 and tell Susan if you are coming, how many, and if you are staying for lunch.

eNID Project

Many, many thanks to those people who have donated to this project. We have now reached the $14 000 mark which is fabulous. Please remember that the dollar for dollar donation finishes at the end of April so, if you are thinking of supporting this worthwhile endeavour, please do it soon rather than later.


Visit our Website

This site is for our members and other interested persons. The newsletter is always full of information and Facebook often allows people to find out answers, share stories and feel supported. Our regional co-ordinators also do a great job and are there to support others. This month we have highlighted the Member Resources that are available for loan.


Help Needed

The management committee now consists of only seven people and the workload is getting bigger and bigger. Please read your newsletter carefully and, if you can help in any way, big or small, please either phone 1800 802 568 or email at With the increased use of technology people can live anywhere in Queensland and still lend a hand.


How Myasthenia Gravis plays a role in my life

This is the topic for two bursaries being offered by our association - $200 for a primary school students and $300 for a secondary school student.


The Myasthenia Gravis Association of Queensland and the Australian Myasthenic Association of NSW are focused on helping to raise the $40,000 required to fund the eNID Project

The coding work to be entered for this project will be solely using data about people with MG so please remember that every amount of money counts towards this vital research.


Picnic in the Park

We look forward to meeting and chatting with people at the get-together at the Robell Domain, Springfield Lakes (off Sinnathamby Blvd) on Sunday, 12 March 2017 from 10:00am.  Further details in this month's MessaGes.


Many, Many Thanks Shirley

It is with great sadness I tell you that our wonderful welfare officer, Shirley, has decided to not remain a member of the management committee from the end of last year. We all know Shirley as the caring, knowledgeable voice at the end of the 1800 number, but Shirley also has a long history with the association. Shirley will certainly be missed as a valuable committee member.