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MGAQ Technology Questionnaire

The MGAQ is in the process of broadening our range of technology and we ask you for feedback about the types of devices and options members use to access the Myasthenia Gravis Association of Queensland Inc. Resources. This questionnaire can be found in the December MessaGes.

Annual Christmas Function

Sunday, 10 December, 11.30 am for 12 noon. Make the date free for the Association's Christmas Function, to be held at Parklands Tavern (also known as Bella Vista Tavern), Meridan Plains, Caloundra. Do not forget to phone Susan on 1800 802 568 and let her know if you are coming so that she can liaise with the venue regarding numbers attending.

Further information can be found on the back page of the November newsletter.


The Myasthenia Gravis Network is spreading!

The network of MG associations and groups is spreading outside of Queensland and NSW. MG Friends Victoria are working towards joining Myasthenia Alliance Australia along with the MGAQ and MGNSW to form a wide network of like-minded Myasthenics.

Become Part of the MGAQ Facebook Community

MGAQ Discussion Forum is a “Closed Facebook Group” which allows like-minded people to communicate between each other in a safe forum. New members need to JOIN and then be approved by Admin before they can join the conversation.

See page 5 of the newsletter for more information or visit our Facebook page at:


Myasthenia Gravis Information Card - A guide to help others understand MG

We hope that this Awareness/Information Card will prove useful to many in a full range of situations.

It is found on page 5 of this newsletter . Feedback from our members is still welcomed and it would be great to hear how it has been helpful to you. Please copy the card as desired and perhaps have it laminated. Put it in your suitcase if you are going to hospital or share it with family and friends. When visiting health professionals, combine it with the Information booklet.


AGM and Presentation by Associate Professor Stephen Reddel

A good number of people attended the Annual General Meeting and then had the opportunity to listen to Associate Professor Stephen Reddel. We have had a DVD made for those people who are financial members of our association. Unfortunately, some people will miss out as they have not updated their membership subscriptions. Please check your membership details.

The 'Journey with Myasthenia Gravis' Book in the New York Academy of Sciences' Newsletter

The New York Academy of Science featured the book “Journey with Myasthenia Gravis” in one of its latest newsletters. This is certainly an acknowledgement of the usefulness of this book from an international perspective.

Annual General Meeting

On Sunday, 17 September, we held our Annual General Meeting and it is pleasing that we now have a full complement on our management committee. We welcome Veeta Bassi, Vicki Plummer and Greg Breaden to the committee and thank John Noble for staying on for another year.

Guest Speaker for AGM

Associate Professor Stephen Reddel gave an informative presentation on “The Many Myasthenias”. Stephen spoke with passion about his desire for the majority of his Myasthenia patients to enjoy a high quality of life. He reflected that being engaged in work and the community and being mobile within the home leads to better life outcomes. The Association is truly appreciative of this second opportunity to have him speak in Brisbane. It is hoped that all Category A members are currently financial...

Chat List

If your name is not on the Chat List and you wish to be included, please contact Donna Ph: 0414 397 462 or email