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eNID Project

This project has been discussed in previous newsletters but now a full explanation has been provided by Dr Reddel in the December newsletter. The Myasthenia Gravis Association of Queensland and the Australian Myasthenic Association of NSW are focused on helping to raise funds for the coding work. Donations via both Associations are tax deductible. When contributing via an Association, please notify us that the funds are to be forwarded to the eNID project and all donations will be forwarded on...

Australian National Conference for Myasthenics

Discussions have indeed commenced in preparation for hosting a Conference in Sydney in 2017. It is hoped that a date will be secured prior to the end of this year. An Alliance Alert will be issued as soon as this information becomes available. If people are interested in participating and are wanting to plan ahead then they should ensure that they are registered with the Alliance website:...


Christmas Get-Together

Sunday, 11 December 2016, 11am for 12 noon at Southport Sharks Club, cnr Musgrave and Olsen Avenues, Southport. Please phone Shirley on 1800 802 568 if attending. We look forward to seeing as many people as possible there.

MGAQ has set up SMS Alert

We hope this could be a very valuable tool for the Association to use in future to advise our members of such things as Mestinon shortages. If we do not have your mobile number and you would like it (or a family member's) added to the list to receive the SMS alert, please contact Shirley on 1800 802 568 or email


Help! The MGAQ Needs a Secretary

Your association is in need of a Secretary. One of our management committee members, Anita Jackson, kindly put up her hand to be Secretary so that we met all of the legislative requirements as an association. However, she will only carry out the requirements of that position until we find a permanent secretary. Remember that members of the management committee do not have to have MG.

Survey Update

Professor McCombe continues to receive completed surveys returned to the RBWH and has provided the support to have all the data from these surveys entered and available for analysis. It takes, on average, two hours for each survey to be fully entered. This is a very significant endorsement of the value of this survey work and indicates that it is important for people to still take the time to complete and return their survey.

News from around Queensland

In the lead up to Christmas many of the local groups have organised get-togethers. Please read about your local area in the newsletter to find out what is happening and, if you cannot make it, the local co-ordinators can usually meet with you for coffee and a chat. Also, please remember our 1800 802 568 number where you can talk with Shirley.

DVD of Presentation by Nicole Millis

All current financial members will receive by post a DVD with Nicole Millis' presentation to the AGM. Nicole is Executive Officer of Rare Voices Australia and her bio appeared in August's edition of MessaGes.

Help! Help! MGAQ Needs a Secretary

At the AGM held on 11 September, the position of Secretary was vacant and no one was appointed to that position on the day. Since that meeting, one of our current management committee members, Anita Jackson, has been appointed to the position so that we meet our Constitutional and Legislative requirements. However, she has agreed to do this only on the proviso that we endeavour to find someone to take up the position on a longer-term basis.

Election of Office Bearers 2016-2017

The following were elected to the Management Committee until the 2017 AGM: President - Carol Buchanan, Vice-President - John Noble, Secretary - Anita Jackson, Treasurer - Denise Hannay, Committee Members -Shirley Johnston, Anita Jackson, Susan White, Rosalyn Holland, Donna Formosa.