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Posted on Friday, February 26 2021

With the support of Terumo BCT, a tailored public affairs toolkit has been developed entitled “How can patient organisations ensure their voices are heard in public policy?” The aim is to help Australian patients in their advocacy efforts. This toolkit contains practical and easy-to-follow steps to facilitate outreach activities and discussions with public stakeholders.

Please link to this publication via (you will be prompted to save the PDF to your computer).

This booklet was produced as patients and patient organisations can add value to health care planning and can be directly involved in the healthcare decision-making process. Advocating takes much time, effort and an adequate approach to ensure that the right people are engaged at the right time and this booklet may be helpful.

The authors of this toolkit are considering offering a supplementary training webinar. Get in touch via 1800 802 568 if you are interested!

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