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Saturday, October 21 2023

MAA Myasthenia Conference, Sydney

“Attendance by Application”

ATAGI have recently released updated COVID booster advice for 2023 which has been accepted by the Government and includes availability of new bivalent vaccines. These contain both the original COVID-19 variant and also an updated vaccine against Omicron variant.
•    ATAGI recommends a 2023 COVID-19 vaccine booster dose for adults in the following groups, if their last COVID-19 vaccine dose or confirmed infection (whichever is the most recent) was 6 months ago or longer, and regardless of the number of prior doses received: 



More good news about Mestinon supply improving for both 60mg and 180mg! The Mestinon supply shortage has been an evolving issue over the last few months and the MAA has been actively monitoring the situation and speaking with government and industry stakeholders to ensure we can access this important medication. We thank you for contacting us and your state associations with your feedback and we appreciate this has been concerning and sometimes frustrating. Please see the latest update below.  

Good news for the new year! The latest indication from iNova and via the TGA website is that the Mestinon 60mg supply shortage has been resolved sooner than expected.  

As per previous communications, the Myasthenia community are aware of the efforts being made by the MAA to bring about a re-established supply of Pyridostigmine/Mestinon medication for Australians. To further conversations with Industry and Government the MAA is looking for data about the amount of medications we require on a weekly basis.

MGAQ Christmas Function

to be held at 
Club Southside, 76 Mount Gravatt-Capalaba Rd, Upper Mt Gravatt
on Sunday, 11 December 11.30 am for 12 noon

For more information / RSVP
Contact Susan - Email: • Freecall 1800 802 568

The MAA continues to stay abreast of the Mestinon supply shortage issue and is in regular contact with government and industry stakeholders. The latest update for Timespan (180mg) and 60mg is below. 

Given the current supply shortage for Mestinon Timespan (180mg), the Myasthenia Alliance Australia has previously notified our MG community that it is available under an alternative arrangement (Section 19A) through Medsurge Healthcare and you use your regular prescription for this. 

We strongly encourage you to get your script for Mestinon Timespan to the pharmacy now and please do not let your own supply of Mestinon Timespan be less than 1 month.  

We recognise that there are ongoing supply issues for some forms of Mestinon (particularly Timespan 180mg and 60mg) in Australia. We appreciate this can be concerning for MG patients who take Mestinon continuously and/or regularly.

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