Consistent with its Rules the MGAQ, through its Management Committee, has always had a focus on growing the benefits available to its member community.

One of its present projects, which shall be released progressively through 2020 and beyond, involves the production of a group of audio and video podcast series. The project targets enhancing the knowledge and awareness of MGAQ members about myasthenia gravis…

Yet another amazing year for the Alliance! The MAA Board are extremely proud to report that, through the past twelve months, they have been very active and have remained highly focused on the diverse agenda of this organization.

Regrettably, after 6 months of…

MGAQ members targeted in email scam!

A few MGAQ members where targeted by an email scam which aimed to get the members to transfer money to a hacker posing as a trusted party.

These scam e-mails can be difficult to catch because they appear to be harmless, have a normal, friendly tone and no links or attachments. They may appear to…


"Personal highlight was my husband joined me and WOW the day was so insightful for him.  As we live six hours away from my specialist, run a business, have a family, we rarely have the opportunity to travel together to do weekday appointments.  So to educate him 8 years after a diagnosis was such an eye opener.  A weekend together with MG being our…

You are invited to the 2019 MGAQ Christmas Function

Sunday, 15 December - 11.30am for 12 noon

at Southport Sharks Club, Olsen Ave &, Musgrave Ave, Southport QLD 4215

Coffee & Chats are a good opportunity to connect with people in your area. All are welcome.

For more information, contact Anita on 0414 588 312


“Tell us about your unexpected highlight from attending the 3rd National Myasthenia Conference!”

This competition is open to everyone who attended the conference. All attendees will be notified of this opportunity.

The prize offered by Enjo Australia, Conference Sponsor, in conjunction…

New information about medications that can worsen symptoms in patients suffering from myasthenia gravis (MG) has been published on the MAA website. This list is designed as an aid to assist guiding therapeutic decisions for MG patients and their doctors.

Click here for details. A link to this information has also been added in the resources section of the MGAQ…

To support the MGAQ Organisation

Meeting Host - Make a home available to host up to 11 attendees at monthly committee meetings. Meetings held every 2nd Saturday of the month (except January) from 8.30am-3.30pm. Requirements include 35 minute access to airport, landline facility (no significant costs), reasonable parking access. Not necessarily a Committee person. Back-up venues available if needed.


Election of Office Bearers for 2019-2020

The following were elected to the Management Committee until the 2020 AGM: 

President: Carol Buchanan 

Vice-President: Susan White

Secretary: Ron Stephen

Treasurer: Denise Hannay 

Committee Members:

Anita Jackson, Rosalyn…