The 2019 Myasthenia Gravis Conference is now confirmed for Saturday, 3 August and registrations are now being taken! The program will cover a range of special interest sessions along with the latest information about treatments for the many variations of Myasthenia Gravis. The cost is $90.00 per person for a full day (8.30am - 5pm) and includes morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea. Susan will happy to answer questions if you call 1800 802 568. Email

Thank you to everyone who attended the MGAQ Christmas Function on Sunday,

9 December at the South Club, Mt Gravatt.

It was evident with the continuous chatter and smiling faces, that everyone enjoyed the atmosphere and food and the opportunity to share in the celebrations of the Christmas season.

Summary of article released by Nicole Millis, Chief Executive Officer, Rare Voices Australia

(MGAQ partner with Rare Voices Australia)

A lot can happen in a month! The Australian Government has committed to a National Rare Disease Framework.  While opening our recent National Rare Disease Summit, Minister Hunt announced the Government’s commitment to a National Rare Disease Framework, the development of which is to be…

Conversations with the 'eNID Project Working Group’ continued this month. MSBase confirm that their work is progressing as outlined in the Project Update included in the October newsletter. Confirmation regarding funding support from the Pharmaceutical Companies is still pending.

The MAA have indicated to the working group that we are committed to raising a further $45,000.00 as requested.
See below for an indication of our progress. 

For people interested in…

12 noon, Saturday, 24 November,
The Avenues Hotel, 270 Kern Bros Drive, Kirwan

The management committee feels it is important for members from across the state to meet and chat with some of our committee.
Therefore, over a period of time, two members from the management committee will travel to each of the areas.
The regional co-ordinators will negotiate with the committee re the most suitable time of the year and these will be advertised…

A questionnaire was made available regarding access to this treatment option. Many people responded and the shared information was diverse. Many people have not been offered this treatment. For some, it has been discussed but it has not been a viable choice for varying reasons. For others, this treatment has been used and for most it has been provided by a major hospital for no or little cost to the patient. There are a number of people who have chosen this treatment but…

An unfortunate media release occurred in July this year. In discussing the Sexually Transmitted Infection, Mycoplasma genitalium (Mgen), a reference was made to this condition using the acronym MG. This is not the standard abbreviation used for this condition but unfortunately it was picked up by the journalists as a good headline. The article was shared with multiple media outlets and came to our attention via concerned members. Many letters have been sent from the Alliance highlighting the…

The Alliance Committee have been meeting at least once a month for the majority of this year and working diligently for its supporters between times. Current projects include planning for a conference in 2019. We are working with Dr Blum to create a Brisbane conference mid 2019. Dr Blum is also chairperson of the newly formed Medical Advisory Group available to the Alliance committee for advice on Myasthenia related issues. We thank him for his particular interest in the work of the Alliance…

I have been a longtime receiver of the great benefits of Pilates exercises. During that that time I had the privilege of attending so called “Clinical Private Consultations”
As discussed in last month’s newsletter, the Committee anticipated becoming more involved with the MSBase working group for the eNID project. This