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"Ask The Expert"

"Ask The Expert"

Posted on Tuesday, March 24 2020

In our February Newsletter, we talked about a new Podcast service for 2020 targeted to further improve members knowledge and understanding of matters related to their Myasthenia Gravis (MG). One of the podcast series is entitled ‘Ask the Expert’.

This Series allows members to ask general questions about MG, its impact and how to better cope, the various types of treatment options, etc. These questions will be incorporated into a recorded discussion with a relevant expert and from the recording, a podcast will be produced for distribution to members.

The first expert in this podcast series will be a speech pathologist. Speech pathologists provide assessment and treatment advice for swallowing difficulties and communication problems arising from poor muscle control as a result of MG.

Please send through your questions, which are of a general nature, related to speech, swallowing or voice that you would like the Expert to answer.

Questions may be submitted via the Freecall 1800 802 568 or emailed to

Questions must be submitted by the 15th of April!

Remember patient specific advice cannot be given.

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