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Mestinon Supply Update - 7 Nov. 2022

Mestinon Supply Update - 7 Nov. 2022

Posted on Sunday, November 06 2022

We recognise that there are ongoing supply issues for some forms of Mestinon (particularly Timespan 180mg and 60mg) in Australia. We appreciate this can be concerning for MG patients who take Mestinon continuously and/or regularly.

The MAA supports the needs of MG patients from all states and we are working for our community to ensure there are alternative solutions for accessing Mestinon during the supply shortage. We assure you that we are actively keeping abreast of this situation. Please see recent updates below and your state associations (MGNSW and MGAQ) and the MAA will keep you as up-to-date as we can.

Mestinon Timespan 180mg is available under Section 19A, with Medsurge Healthcare using suppliers in the USA. Patients only need their regular prescription to obtain Mestinon Timespan from their pharmacy. A price can be more clearly determined once the stock arrives. 

For Mestinon 60mg, if ringing around is unsuccessful, patients need to visit their doctor and ask them to complete a Special Access Scheme (SAS) form and submit this to the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA). Once this is approved, it will be returned to the doctor to then pass on to the patient. The patient will submit this to their pharmacist, who will use this approval number to order the medication (each script will be processed and ordered separately). The pharmacy will be advised of the cost of the medication and will inform the patient.

Please visit the TGA website regularly as this will help confirm the need for Mestinon for MG patients. 

More information on Section 19A approvals to address medicine shortages is available here and more information on the SAS is here.

Natalie Windle, MAA Secretary

Glenda Bidner, MAA Board Member

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