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MGAQ Inc. podcast series

MGAQ Inc. podcast series

Posted on Wednesday, August 26 2020

Published & Upcoming MGAQ Podcasts

Current List of Published and Available MGAQ Podcasts:

Episode 1: MGAQ Podcast Series Overview - This provides an Overview of the planned MGAQ Podcast and Vodcast Series 1 through 5

Episode 2: Resilience - This involves a discussion with Dr Angelo Contarino, a Clinical Psychologist and the current Chair of the College of Clinical Psychologists in Queensland, about Resilience. Dr Contarino talks about Resilience, what defines Resilience, strategies for how we as individuals can build our Resilience and how to apply those strategies during the current outbreak of Covid-19.

Episode 3: Types of MG - This podcast discusses Myasthenia Gravis (MG) and the various types of MG.

Episode 4: Three Sero-negative MG’ers Discussion - This podcast includes a conversation with three Sero-negative MG sufferers and the particular challenges they have faced together with the solutions or approaches they have adopted to help in dealing with their type of MG.

Episode 5: Benefits of Physical Activity & Impact of Sedentary Behaviour - This involves a conversation with Tahlia Alsop, a trained Physiotherapist, on the benefits of Physical Activity and the impact of sedentary behaviour on MG Sufferers . Tahlia is on the UQ Academic staff where she is completing her PhD investigating physical activity and sedentary behaviour in people with MG. Tahlia was a guest speaker at the 2019 MAA National MG Conference held in Brisbane.

Episode 6: ACHR Positive, Generalised & Thymectomy - This podcast includes a conversation with a  ACHR positive MG sufferer who discovered his MG when racing his motorcycle. In the conversation, we will discuss his robotic thymectomy and the particular journey and challenges faced in dealing with his MG.

New podcasts scheduled for release on the dates noted below, includes:

19 August 2020:  This involves a conversation with Dr Kirstine Shrubsole, a Speech Pathologist and University Lecturer, about how one’s speech and swallowing is impacted by MG. As part of this podcast, Dr Shrubsole will answer the questions recently posed by many MGAQ members on the impact of MG on their abilities to speak and swallow.

2nd September 2020: MGAQ Podcasts will present the fourth 'Ask the Expert’ podcast. Originally presented as a Zoom Presentation and now available through this podcast, this story discusses the MG journey of Dr Angelo Contarino or as he describes, his Metropolis Journey. Whilst not initially considered to have Myasthenia Gravis, Angelo was subsequently diagnosed as sero-negative which many years after was confirmed as sero-positive. The conversation covers the challenges of Angelo's journey including the changes in medication, his conventional thymectomy, the impacts on his life and how he managed these difficulties.

2nd September 2020: MGAQ Podcasts includes as a standalone podcast, the Question and Answer session following Dr Angelo Contarino’s 'My Journey with Myasthenia’ discussion.

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