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MGAQ Inc. Podcast Series Update

MGAQ Inc. Podcast Series Update

Posted on Tuesday, September 29 2020

“Greetings" to those whom have decided to try out the MGAQ’s new podcast service. We have been incredibly pleased that so many of our members have elected to join this new MGAQ membership offering.
Currently MGAQ Podcasts have nine podcasts available for Association members. A full list of these podcasts was included in the last newsletter. Two further podcasts will be published in October.
These include:
Episode 10, which will be released on October 7, where we talk with a member whom suffers from both MG and PTSD. The podcast discusses her experiences and the novel approach she has found to address her specific challenges. 
With Episode 11, to be released on October 21, Carol Buchanan, the MGAQ President talks about our full range of Services and what objectives drive both the range and type of services the MGAQ supplies.
Having only launched this service in May this year, we are so thrilled to have:

  • Over 200 members, who have joined this service with
  • More than 500 podcasts having been downloaded. 

If there are other members who would like to join this service, we would love to hear from you and help in connecting is available. 
Contact Dr Podcast at:

Send us your questions.
FreeCall 1800 802 568

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