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MGAQ Inc. Podcast Series Update

MGAQ Inc. Podcast Series Update

Posted on Monday, March 22 2021

There is a new feature for our private podcasts.

Now, subscribers can get an email every time we publish a new episode.

Even better: Subscribers can listen to the episode in their web browser!

Your MGAQ Podcast Team have noticed that some of our members have had difficulty adding the private podcast feed to a player like Apple Podcasts. Plus, some popular players (like Spotify) that members may prefer don't support private podcast feeds.

To address this problem we have a new feature that circumvents all of that: subscribers get notified by email and can listen right away on the web. As shown below, giving an excerpt from the email, one simply clicks on the ‘Play this episode in your browser’ button. Once you click this button, the system opens up a window in your browser, which allows one to play that podcast.

You will still be able to have the same existing functionality, that is you can listen using your favourite podcast listening app as shown below by clicking ‘Listen in your favourite podcast listening app’.

Also via the browser window, one can view any and all the previously published podcasts. So if you are a new member and haven’t had previous access or you simply haven’t been able, then you can play whatever previous podcast grabs your interest. A nice feature of this service is the system will show you when, if at all, you last listened to each available podcast.

Don’t want to receive emails each time the MGAQ publishes a new podcast! No problem, simply click the button on the first or any subsequent email which says ‘Unsubscribe from these emails’ and the emails will no longer be sent to your address but podcasts will still be available on your podcast player if you have set that up.

So if you have been holding back from joining the MGAQ Podcast Subscriber List because of needing a Podcast Player, well there is no need now. Simply email me, Dr Podcast, at the following address and simply say “Add me to the Subscriber List”. That’s all any member needs to do and when we publish each new podcast you’ll get an email. We trust you will find this additional set of features useful.

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