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MGAQ Inc. Podcast Series Update

MGAQ Inc. Podcast Series Update

Posted on Tuesday, April 20 2021

In last month's newsletter, we advised that a new feature has been added to our podcast service whereby MGAQ Podcast subscribers would get an email when a new podcast was available. From this email, subscribers can just click and play that episode in their browser. One can also access all previous podcasts.
What we didn’t say was the particular podcast was the first in a new series of audio stories. This particular podcast narrated the MGAQ’s March Newsletter. As some of our memberships reading functionality has been impacted by their MG, we are now offering to provide an audio version of the monthly newsletter. We will test this service for the next six months and if it proves useful to members we shall keep it going.
In addition, a second Audio Book style podcast has been sent out to members covering the Covid 19 Vaccination Discussion Paper recently distributed in hard copy to members. In this podcast, Karen & Susan present an audio recording of the lay person section of the Covid 19 Vaccination Discussion Paper together with commentary. The podcast gives MGAQ Members an additional opportunity to listen to and think about the presentation prepared by A/Prof Stephen Reddel and colleagues.
We’d also like to mention that during March, we were fortunate to record a discussion with leading Podiatrist Nicholas Sprenger. Allied Health Services such as Physiotherapy, Speech Therapy, Dieticians and Podiatry can be very important supplemental services to MG sufferers. We all appreciate that maintaining mobility is critical to getting the most out of life and our feet, ankles and lower limbs are the foundation to this ability. Given Australia's medical system provides Medicare coverage for podiatry consultation costs for MG sufferers under one’s Chronic Disease Management Plan, Podiatry is an opportunity worth considering. You will be able to tune in to listen to Nick Sprenger’s podcast from 5am Wednesday, 21 April.
Remember, if you would like to be added to the MGAQ Podcast Subscriber List, simply email me, Dr Podcast, at the following address and just say “Add me to the Subscriber List”. That’s all any member needs to do and when we publish each new podcast you’ll get an email.

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