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Posted on Monday, March 18 2019

Recently there was a shortage of Mestinon and the MGAQ was pleased to be able to send alerts to members regarding this situation. SMS alerts are one of the many benefits of being a financial member of the MGAQ.

Via social media, we received many enquiries as to why some people received the alert and others didn’t.  Firstly you need to be financial, and secondly we need to have a mobile number for you otherwise we cannot send you an alert.

We encourage members who didn’t receive the alert to forward their mobile numbers, either via the freecall number 1800 802 568 or email 

If you are unsure of your membership status, please contact us as well.  2019/2020 memberships become due again in June this year.

Membership numbers ensure that the association is able to move forward and to continue helping the Myasthenia community.

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