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Posted on Thursday, July 02 2020

The MGAQ Committee is very excited to bring to our members, a new looking and much enhanced Association website.

It is much easier to navigate and the key features are clearly displayed. Please go to and start exploring. The issue will be in deciding what to look at first. Good luck!

The Home Page displays our goals and values and clearly indicates that we are there to help all! You can see the latest, important Association activities by visiting the current News and Events or explore the history of our work. Reading for hours is supplied by the archived Newsletter collection.

Importantly, the updated FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) answer so many important queries as people learn to live with this condition. Now included are comments from various Specialists and a Psychologist.

It is easy to Make your Payments, Send a Donation, Take membership, Order the 'Journey' book or join a 'Closed Discussion' Facebook group that suits you best. Signing up to stay in touch is very quick and easy.

Explore a little further by visiting the Resources page. Here the content deepens with our detailed Information Booklet available and 'mgxplained' in simple graphics. This is a wonderful tool when trying to explain the condition to family and friends. It is here that you and your Doctors will find all the information needed when prescribing new medications. Everyone should be familiar with the Drugs to be Used with Caution list.

Dig a little deeper and you will see the Library Resources available to members plus a selection of research papers. This list will be enhanced as part of the next stage.

Contacting us has never been easier, just open the Contact Us page.

More Member Benefits will be added to website over the coming months including a wide selection of Podcasts and Vodcasts. Please stay in touch for easy access to these assets.

The Committee is extremely thankful for the IT knowledge and for the hours of work provided by volunteers to produce this updated and very friendly website. All credit must be given to Interactive Focus for the well-established history that began this project. Additionally, the Committee is keen to acknowledge the engagement of interested health professionals including Dr Stefan Blum, Dr Fiona Chan and Dr Contarino.

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