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Myasthenia Alliance Australia MG Conference News

Myasthenia Alliance Australia MG Conference News

Posted on Saturday, April 27 2019

Preparations for the 2019 National Myasthenia Conference continue as registrations come in steadily. It is very exciting to see people coming from Victoria, New Zealand, NSW, ACT and of course, Queensland. It is hoped that there will also be attendees from South Australia, Western Australia and Tasmania. Facilitating the 'meeting of others' from each region will be a focus for the organisers. Making contact with people who share similar experiences will also be important. This may include people with LEMS or MuSK or Ocular or Congenital Myasthenia disease. It is hoped that a group of younger sufferers will attend so that life long friendships can be established as happened at the previous conference.

On a more formal note, the key speakers are confirmed and indicative topics are now available (please see table below). There will be a question time with a panel of senior doctors. Research and latest treatments will be discussed. All Doctors have extensive experience in treating people with Myasthenia.

It is hoped that seeing this amazing line-up of highly skilled specialists who plan to share their extensive medical experience with our very small community will bring a rush of registrations as a sign of appreciation to these dedicated and gracious Doctors who are donating their time.

The program for the day includes two opportunities to participate in 40 minute break-out sessions. These will be structured as smaller, more interactive groups and in less formal arrangements. With at least ten topics on offer, there is sure to be something of interest for everyone.

Cost, logistics, fatigue, transport are all issues being presented as obstructions to attending. Please call Susan on 1800 802 568 for tips on how some of these issues can be managed. This conference opportunity is extremely unique for a rare disease. Please do not assume there will be more opportunities into the future. Every event is a great bonus to the Myasthenia community. Please encourage others you know with MG to attend, consider sending a family member as a representative and share the details with your Health Professionals as they too will be welcomed. Treatments for Myasthenia are progressing quickly and are subject to change so be as informed and as prepared as possible. Pick up tips on how you can live the best life possible when managing myasthenia. Find out about the future research options.

The MAA and MGAQ Committees are working hard to bring you a special day and are keen to see you on August 3rd.

Susan White - President.

Preliminary Conference Program

  • Dr. Stefan Blum - Overview of Myasthenia Gravis and Therapies.
  • Assoc. Prof.  Stephen Reddel - eNID project Update.
  • Prof. Pam McCombe - Guidelines for IVIg Therapy.
  • Dr James Morton (Haematologist) - Advanced Therapy Treatment including Plasma Exchange.
  • Dr Andrew Swayne - Research in MG - where are we, where do we need to go?
  • Dr Fiona Chan - Rituximab as a treatment for MG.
  • Discussion and Question Time with Drs Reddel, McCombe, Blum and Morton.
  • Choose your Own Small Group Sessions! At least 10 topics - choose two.

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