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Posted on Wednesday, September 25 2019

The MAA Board remains focused on its range of objectives which include:- 

  • Supporting local Myasthenia communities and State Associations in all states of Australia as they bring camaraderie and local knowledge to others, fostering research including new opportunities which resulted from the Conference, working with various Government bodies to ensure best possible treatment options for each and every situation with Myasthenia.
  • A recent addition to the MAA website is the newly released “Drugs to be Used With Caution” flyer (see home bar). Prepared in conjunction with Dr Blum, it is available directly on the website and in ‘pdf' form for printing out and sharing. There is a reference site included for your Doctors to explore more details and to understand more about the concerns of the many drugs. The key message from creating this flyer is that many drugs may affect the neuro-muscular junction and hence, the Myasthenia also. Treating Health Professionals need to be aware of the risks, consider choices carefully and take appropriate management steps. It does not mean that the drugs must be avoided as they may be essential for other reasons. The individuals need to be very aware of personal responses to medications and communicate promptly with treating clinicians.
  • The annual MAA President's report will be published in November. A full outline of the work of the Alliance over the past twelve months will be made available via the MAA website and news events listing. Typically, we are all very amazed by what has been achieved in just 12 months. This year will not disappoint. 

Kindest regards to all the very important followers of the MAA. Without registered followers and active supporters we could not be making such remarkable achievements.

Thanks to Dr Blum working in conjunction with the MAA (Myasthenia Alliance Australia), the new guidelines for “Drugs to be used with caution in Myasthenia Gravis” has been produced. 

All financial members will receive a hard copy as part of the member services from MGAQ. 

Follow the link to the MAA website to download the PDF and to find more information.

Susan White - President

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