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Rituximab and the PBS - a conversation needing support

Rituximab and the PBS - a conversation needing support

Posted on Monday, February 18 2019

Reach out to your local Federal Member In support of a request for the drug Rituximab to be made available via the PBS for people with Myasthenia Gravis.

The MAA, supported by Dr Blum and others, has written in detail to Minister Hunt drawing to his attention the potential benefits of making Rituximab available via the PBS to people with Myasthenia Gravis and requesting that it be considered. Minister Hunt has written an initial response to this letter so he is aware of the communication.

To enable this action, standard policy cannot be used and therefore it becomes a more challenging process for him. The MAA Board continues to promote this question through a range of measures. We are also asking for your help!!

Our community needs to inform Minister Hunt that this is an important community request and encourage him to consider it carefully. Therefore, please help us by making an appointment (in person or over the telephone) with your local Federal Member to discuss the following significant points. Your member should then respond by writing to the Minister’s office asking for information on the progress of this question as it is important to their constituents.

The more requests, the greater the influence so please consider if you can help.

Should you wish to provide supporting material or understand the conversation better, Susan is available to help by calling 1800 802 568.

Remember to ask for a photo for the newsletter and permission to publish names.

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